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Photograph of Rich Durnan photo by Shauna Tewksbury

Photo by Shauna Tewksbury

Richard Durnan was born and raised in Washington DC where he began taking photographs with his first camera in high school. Richard took a black and white photography course, his only formal photography training, while attending Plymouth University in New Hampshire where he obtained a BS in Environmental Biology. In 1995 Richard left his job as a Paramedic Firefighter with the Concord Fire Department in Concord, New Hampshire, and traveled through out Asia for 14 months. This was his second major journey there in which he worked as a whitewater rafting guide and honed his skills as an adventure travel photographer.

Upon his return to the United States Richard began to sell his photography and established himself as a full time photographer in the outdoor adventure industry. Richard has been traveling and photographing nature, the outdoors, and outdoor activities professionally since 1996.

Richard brings a unique perspective to his work that is truly in-tune with the subject matter of the images he makes. He is an avid participant in all the activities he photographs: rock and ice climbing, kayaking and rafting, mountain biking, and trekking are among his favorites. This participation allows him to candidly capture genuine activities and situations. He strives for images with a strong graphic element, that show spectacular settings and situations and evoke a sense in the viewer that makes them say “I want to be there doing that!” His traveling style is one that involves him with the people and places he photographs, allowing him to produce images that celebrate cultures, landscapes and activities in the outdoors.

“I like landscapes and images that include people in them. People interacting with nature, climbing, riding a bike, hiking, all help give perspective, and scale. People are a natural part of any landscape”

Richard now resides in Ridgway, Colorado.